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To develop human resources by inculcating professional knowledge, skills and ethical values, offering flexible, tailored training and education solutions designed to educate, inspire and motivate individuals to bring-in prosperity in employment and citizenship.

Goals & Objectives

ISP is determined to be recognized amongst 100 best universities in the world, in terms of the programs offered, faculty, researches and other resources. The main objective of the university is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are compatible with the changing needs of the business world. Through its academic programs, the university prepares its students for the challenges of the 21st century and empowers them to exhibit their potential to the changing world. The university is dedicated to provide faculty, staff, and students with the environment and infrastructure that help them develop potential for creative work, professional realization, services and scholarships.

  • To source and provide up-to-date information about occupations, fields of work, postgraduate courses and research opportunities, organizations and their vacation work and post-graduation vacancies.
  • To help students and graduates understand and develop the necessary skills to equip them for whatever career path they choose.
  • To provide opportunities for students and graduates to understand their competencies, aspirations and options through a variety of means, including personal discussion with professional advisers.
  • To promote the exchange of ideas between members of the University and representatives of other organizations on matters affecting the employment of graduate members of the University, and to provide expert advice and information on career issues to organizations outside the University
  • To collaborate with the University, academic departments and relevant organizations in activities designed to further the aims of the Service.
  • To provide our services impartially, confidentially, efficiently and free from discrimination, adhering to national codes of good practice and professional standards.
  • To promote the Career Service to all entitled users, allowing them to make a personal choice on when and how best to engage with the Career Services
  • To provide the foundation for the people of this belt to be proud of their heritage & take pride in creating their future, the heritage for the next generation
  • To be an active partner in the social, economic and political development of this region
  • To foster attention on commitment to service
  • To promote the status of the Institute as an institution of higher learning
  • To develop knowledge, skills and values that will benefit all levels of society
  • To encourage innovation and creativity and contribution to the development of the knowledge economy
  • To encourage high academic & professional standards and quality education
  • To apply principles of access and equal opportunity
  • To build capacity in science and technology


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