Career Services offered at SEDC

Career Services exists to educate and empower students and alumni throughout their lifelong career development journey. Southern Executive Development Center, ISP is a place where students not only get help with career choices but it also helps in developing and enhancing their professional skills. In today’s global world, students need the academic as well as workplace skills necessary to meet the ever-changing requirements of the diversified workforce, therefore, SEDC develop the necessary skills in students to be successful in the chosen career as well as during their academic journey. At SEDC, range of services, program, events and resources are offered to facilitate learning and practice as well as transitions and connection to professional employment and advanced study for students.

SEDC provides different programs and services that create opportunities for students, alumni, and employers to engage in mutually constructive partnerships that meet the needs of an evolving diverse workforce environment.

SEDC serves the diverse campus community and alumni with sound knowledge and supportive enthusiasm for academic, career, and personal development.

We provide…

  • High quality and comprehensive employment-related services to students and to foster professional relationships with faculty, staff and administrators
  • Skills enhancement training programs according to the diversified student’s needs i.e. communication skills, presentation skills, self-assessment etc.
  • Career Counseling & Career Planning for students to develop their career goals strategically and achieving success by utilizing the available opportunities
  • Inculcation of professional skill in student’s i.e. job search, job interview and resume writing skills, leading to their employment and meaningful career
  • In campus events for students i.e. educational seminars, trainings, workshops, informative lectures, educational visits, fair wells, fun fairs, sport galas and job fairs
  • Relationship building with premier employers for alumni job placement