Pakistan faces a lot of challenges at the beginning of the 21st century. But the top most to increase the literacy rate The Government alone cannot meet the challenge and it expects private sector to come forward and share to momentous task. The Institute of Southern Punjab, I am happy to note, is taking strenuous steps to improve the literacy rate. The Institute has earned a high repute in a short span of time for which the faculty members and administration deserve congratulation for their vigorous and marvelous efforts. I wish to acknowledge the productive role played by the Institute of Southern Punjab in making available high quality education to common man at affordable cost and producing the intellectual capital with high skills and knowledge. This will certainly help the nation in achieving the competitive edge in the international arena.

The region of Southern Punjab have always been deprived in terms of education resultantly the literacy rate of this area is unfortunately very low, the present regime is striving its best to cater the needs of this area by developing prestigious institution like Institute of Southern Punjab Multan and also trying to develop high quality school education in South Punjab. Fast growing demands of highly educated personals can only be met by establishing international level higher education institutions in modern technologies like nano technology, bio technology, and engineering. Entrepreneurship, high-tech industrialization and human resources capitalization will also be the challenging task. Pakistan is an under developing country with fast growing economy, human capital, fast changing life styles can only be materialized with the help of private sector who is playing a vital role to develop educate, and work for prosperous and developed Pakistan.

Wishing a great success and bright future to the Institute

Sardar Usman Buzdar

Chief Minister of Punjab