Department of Islamic Studies


The department of Islamiat is working under the guidance of Dr. Muhammad Siddiq Sealvi. The department provides religious education to its students. We believe that it is important to get religious education because it helps in personality development.


The department envisions to spread the message of Islam across this region and Pakistan on a bigger level.


Our mission is to spread the message of Islam to people especially youngsters.

Programs Offered

Degree Title Duration Entry Requirement
BS Islamic Studies Bachelor of Science In Islamic Studies 4 Years Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd division
MA Islamic Studies Master of Arts in Islamic Studies 2 Years Graduation Or equivalent with at least 2nd division
MS/MPhil Islamic Studies MS/MPhil Islamic Studies 2 Years 16 Years relevant education / level 6, from HEC recognize institute (Passed the previous degree with a cumulative GPA score of 2.5/4.0 (under a semester system) or a second class Master’s degree (earned under annual system))
GAT General (Category D) with at least 50 % score



Scheme of Studies

BS Economics (4-Year Program)


  1. مضامین قرآن کا تعارف
  2. انگلش (I)
  3. مطالعہ پاکستان
  4. جنرل کورس


  1. عربی زبان و ادب (I)
  2. انگلش (II)
  3. اخلاقیات لازمی
  4. جنرل کورس

3rd Semester

  1. علوم القرآن
  2. انگلش (III)
  3. کمپیوٹر
  4. مطالعہ پاکستان
  5. جنرل کورس

4th Semester

  1. تاریخ تدوین حدیث
  2. تاریخ فقہ
  3. عربی زبان و ادب (II)
  4. انگلش (IV)
  5. جنرل کورس

5th Semester

  1. مطالعہ سیرت
  2. تاریخ تفسیر
  3. مطالعہ متن قرآن
  4. مطالعہ متن حدیث (I)
  5. مطالعہ فقہ الاسلامی (العبادات)


  1. مطالعہ متن قرآن (II)
  2. علوم الحدیث
  3. مسلم فیملی لاز کے متن کا مطالعہ
  4. ادب الاختلاف
  5. مطالعہ فقہ اکبر

7th Semester

  1. دعوت و ارشاد
  2. اصول الفقہ
  3. اصول تحقیق
  4. تحقیق تہذیب اسلامی
  5. مطالعہ فقہ مالیات

8th Semester

  1. اسلامی معاشیات
  2. علم الاخلاق
  3. مقاصد شریعت
  4. کتب حدیث کی منتخب شروح کا مطالعہ
  5. مطالعہ متن قرآن (III)

Total Credit Hours = 130

M.A. Islamic Studies


  1. مطالعہ تفسیر القرآن
  2. مطالعہ حدیث
  3. عربی زبان و ادب


  1. سیرت النبی صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم
  2. تقابل ادیان
  3. اسلام کے معاشرتی و معاشی اقدار و تصورات


  1. مطالعہ فقہ الاسلامی
  2. تفسیری ادب لازمی
  3. دعوت و تربیت


  1. اسلام اور معاصر معاشی افکار و مسائل
  2. تاریخ تمدن اسلام
  3. احسان و تصوف
  4. منہج تحقیق


This program was initiated in 2015 and it is successfully running and so far its four badges have been passed out and serving inside and outside Pakistan. The program is basically research oriented. Total program is consisted of four semesters: two semester’s course work and two semester’s research works. During First two semesters of course work eight subjects are offered: four in each semester. Every subject has three credit hours and 100 marks. While in the last two semesters the students conduct research thesis/dissertation on the topic duly approved by the Board of Studies and Board of Advanced Research Studies. Every student will have to undergo rigorous examination process. After 8 lectures, Mid-Term Exam is conducted while at the end of 16 lectures Final Terminal Exam is conducted. Ten marks are earmarked for attendance while 15 marks are allocated for Assignment, quiz, surprise test and conduct of the student during study. Total credit hours of M.Phil. Islamic Studies program are 30 (24 for course work and 6 for dissertation).

The scheme of the study of M.Phil. Islamic Studies is outlined below


  1. اصول تحقیق لازمی
  2. اسلام میں تحقیق کے اصول و مبادی لازمی
  3. مصادر علوم اسلامیہ
  4. مطالعہ دینی ادب


  1. سیرت نگاری
  2. اسلام اور استشراقی تحقیق لازمی
  3. عصر حاضر میں اجتہادی تحقیق
  4. برصغیر میں فکر اسلامی کے رجحانات کا مطالعہ

Both Total = 24

Semester-III & IV

Dissertation/ Thesis/ Two Courses* 6

Grand Total Credit Hours = 30*

*The student has given choice either to opt research dissertation or study two extra courses after completing 24 credit hours. Each course of 3 credit hours is equal to 100 marks while dissertation has 6 credit hours and 200 marks.

Our Faculty

The Department of Economics has full-time faculty, engaged in teaching and research work. All faculty is hired competitive salary, keeping in with their experience and qualification. During the course of faculty special attention is paid on knowledge-delivery capability and communication skill. The Department has four faculty members having Ph.D. degrees while the rest of all faculty members are M.Phil. qualification. Some of them are Ph.D. scholars.







1.Prof.Dr.Siddiq Sialvi


Islamic Studies/Arabic


2.Syed Iftikhar Ali Gilani


Islamic Studies