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Department of Applied Technology


The undergraduate Electrical Engineering program aims at building a solid foundation in mathematics, physical sciences and computer programming followed by an intensive of principles of electrical engineering both in classrooms and laboratories to ensure that the students are equipped with futuristic professional approach, rationale reasoning, analytical skills and life-long learning techniques. The program provides broad engineering knowledge, which enables the students to communicate and interact effectively with engineers and technologists specializing in different areas and to make the technical decision with confidence. We expect that on successful completion, the students will have developed the ability to identify problems and work out their solutions and implementations. Moreover breathed is added to their technical know-how through industrial tours to leading industries in the country. Students will be encouraged to join the professional associations to widen their exposure to engineering research and to provide them with an active platform for exchange and expression of their technical ideas. Electrical engineers are in demand with employers in Pakistan and overseas. The major employment areas include electrical power generation, supply and distribution, power systems, the installation and design of electrical machinery and communication.

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