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Department of Business Administration


At the department of business administration, we believe in the power of learning, scholarship and higher education. We’re educators, we’re researchers and we are analysts. We try to equip them with the academic, intellectual and practical tools and skills they need to assume responsible positions in organizations. We also aim at developing globally-minded business administrators with a life-long learning capacity. The human resource requirement of the industry largely focuses on the versatile skills of a business graduate. Competence in business administration is essential for effective business and organizational development. The MBA program is designed to provide students with skills and knowledge in the areas of planning business operations, analysis of markets, financial management and specialized interests. The curriculum exposes students to the knowledge and insights essential for significant participation in our increasingly competitive, technological, interdependent and dynamic business environment. MBA Programs are consistently ranked among the best by the experts. This program also addresses issues in innovation technology and explores how they can be effectively, equitably and sustainably managed in the global economy. The focus is on the creation of value in a broad sense, including economic, social and environmental considerations. It is targeted at the relevant practitioner communities at the point in which such knowledge would be most useful. The program aims to impart knowledge and understanding of a wide range of management and special topics within the program theme. It also aims to provide a systematic and coherent review of knowledge and practice about innovation, technology and management knowledge. It provides access to the latest research-informed understanding of topics relevant to the creation of global business development. The premier educational experience at our department integrates all the above elements into the strategic and day to day concerns of active practitioners. We do this via project work, problem-based learning and action learning.

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