Department of Computer Sciences


Recent developments in computer hardware, software and communication technologies have offered new exciting opportunities and challenges for creation of innovative learning environments for Computer Science and Information Technology. Modern world with newly emerging technologies demands study of latest subjects to develop the student’s critical professional knowledge and thinking.Computer science is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers. It is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications and the systematic study of the feasibility, structure expression and mechanization of the methodical procedures(or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information and use of modern technologies.Computer Science is the application of a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to the design development operation and maintenance of software systems. It is in fact the practice of designing and implementing large, reliable, efficient and economical software by applying the principles and practices of engineering.Department of Computer Science & IT aims to train students in all aspects of Computer Science and Information Technology including software development, Artificial Intelligence and modern trends as well.

Mission of Department of Computer Science

To strive for excellence in advancing, applying and imparting knowledge in computer science, to produce outstanding computer science professionals who have professional knowledge, problem solving skill and lifelong learning capability to advance the career.

Programs Offered

Degree Title Duration Entry Requirement
BS CS Bachelor of Science In Computer Science 4 Years Intermediate or equivalent 
MCS Master of Computer Science 2 Years Graduation Or equivalent with at least 2nd division
MS CS MS Computer Science 2 Years 16 Years relevant education / level 6, from HEC recognize institute (Passed the previous degree with a cumulative GPA score of 2.5/4.0 (under a semester system) or a second class Master’s degree (earned under annual system))
GAT General (Category C) with at least 50 % score

Bachelor of Computer Science (BSCS)

Program Objectives
Program  Objectives of Department of Computer Science are given below
  • To produce Computing Professionals.
  • To produce professionals who can applying Computing and Mathematical Knowledge, and  use and implement Computer Science advance tools and techniques successfully.
  • To produce professionals who can effectively work as an individual or a member of development and analytical team to analyze, design, produce and implement solution of any domain related problem by using effective communication and know the use of tools and techniques required for the solution.
  • To produce professionals who could work as effective member of community and society to understand and analyze the Social, legal, safety and cultural  issues and fulfill their responsibilities as computing professionals.
  • To produce professionals who can make domain related work decisions effectively and understand the importance of being an ethical computing professional.
  • To produce professionals who can participate actively in the process of individual professional growth through learning as a computing professional.

Bachelor of Computer Science (BSCS)
Scheme of Study
Semester 1
Title of CourseTheoryLab
Introduction to ICT21
Programming Fundamentals31
Calculus & Analytical Geometry30
Digital Logic & Design31
Functional English30
Semester 2
Title of CourseTheoryLab
Discrete Structure30
Communication & Presentation Skills30
Object Oriented Programming31
Probability & Statistics30
Islamic Studies20
Semester 3
Title of CourseTheoryLab
Computer Organization & Assembly Language31
Data Structures & Algorithms31
Technical & Report Writing30
Differential Equations30
University Elective - 130
Semester 4
Title of CourseTheoryLab
Design & Analysis of Algorithms30
Operating System31
Database Systems31
Theory of Automa30
Linear Algebra30
Semester 5
Title of CourseTheoryLab
Software Engineering30
University Elective - 230
Computer Networks31
Inforamtion Security30
CS-Supporting 130
Semester 6
Title of CourseTheoryLab
Compiler Construction30
Artificial Intelligence31
CS-Supporting 230
CS-Elective - 130
CS-Elective - 230
Semester 7
Title of CourseTheoryLab
CS-Supporting 330
University Elective - 330
CS-Elective - 330
CS-Elective - 430
University Elective - 430
Semester 8
Title of CourseTheoryLab
CS-Elective - 530
Human Resource Management30
Digital Image Processing30
Pakistan Studies20
Software Project06
Internet & Web EngineeringCS Electives
Advance Object Oriented ProgrammingCS Electives
Human Computer InteractionCS Electives
Introduction to Data SciencesCS Electives
Data Mining & Data WarehousingCS Electives
Wireless NetworksCS Electives
Information SecurityCS Electives
Big Data AnalysisCS Electives
Introduction to Machine LearningCS Electives
Digital Image ProcessingCS Electives
Data & Network SecurityCS Electives
Advance DBMSCS Electives
Introduction to Machine VisionCS Electives
Theory of Programming LanguagesCS Electives
Natural Language ProcessingCS Electives
University Electives
EconomicsUniversity Elective
Fundamentals of MarketingUniversity Elective
Financial AccountingUniversity Elective
Visual ProgrammingUniversity Elective
CS Supporting Courses
Theory of Programming LanguagesCS Supporting
Numerical ComputingCS Supporting
Software Project ManagementCS Supporting