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We are one of the leading centers of studies in English linguistics and literature in the region. We pride ourselves on the rich cultural and literary heritage of the region. We try to foster understanding of linguistics, literatures and cultures with local and global perspectives. We motivate students to explore the pleasures of reading and studying literature. We try to encourage our students to undertake the study of linguistics and literature with new questions of language, society, culture, history, criticism, theory, and analysis. By teaching students about close reading, creative writing, literary interpretation, content analysis, discourse analysis, critical analysis, historical research, exploratory research and experimental research, we aim to help students understand the power of language, conceptual innovation, argument, research, investigation, creative expression and multifarious aspects of communication. We offer a professional and congenial environment where we promote an appreciation of the richness and variety of texts in the language. Our programs offer myriad opportunities for intellectual growth and imaginative reasoning. We offer rigorous training in interpretive thinking and precise expression, teaching students to create ideas, organize them, draw deductions and make connections to new ideas, and articulate them in eloquent, expressive, fluent and convincing ways. Our post-graduate programs feature the study of imaginative language, rhetoric and poetic and narrative arts. In the said programs our focus is on the
roles of imaginative writing and presentations which play an important role in almost every aspect of human experience.
The Department values committed teaching and supervision in an atmosphere of vigorous research and provides students with a flexible program of study wherein the MA English Literature (EL) and MA English Languages Teaching & Linguistics (ELTL) degree are typically completed within twenty-four months. At M.Phil Level, research work is optional and students can take two extra subjects instead of research work. In addition to teaching students in the classes, the department also offers a wide range of activities in languages, literature and linguistics in the form of seminars, symposiums, conferences and workshops. Renowned scholars and outstanding researchers from national and international universities deliver their valuable talks on such academic occasions. Besides, these events provide opportunities for students to showcase their research in front of celebrated guests in the form of poster presentations.

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