Department of fine arts is concerned with aesthetic sense relating to perception of beauty and arts. Multan is an ancient city. It has famous for its cultural heritage of Arts & Crafts. It has commendable splendid traditions in architecture. Many artifacts remains, old buildings and tombs are magnificent living monuments of craftsmanship skills and outclass perfection of the artisans. Multan is well known for its marvelous and distinctive work of handicrafts. It has rich treasures of cultural heritage of arts, crafts and traditions which are inherited of its old civilization. The cultural scene of Multan has special impression of classical craft making and exclusive architecture. Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan has established and developed faculty of arts to response the demand of the days to continue and promote the cultural heritage of arts & crafts and traditions by introducing a package of modern syllabi to educate the students and to enhance their skills and visions in the area of:-

Mission Statement, Department of Fine Arts.

The core characteristics include a commitment to excellence and responsiveness within a scope of influence defined by the needs of a specific region, a campus-wide commitment to a technologically-enhanced learning community, a commitment to scholarly and creative work to enhance instructional effectiveness and to encourage institutional strength and focused on regional need.


The vision of the program is to develop and utilize skills in the Fine Arts industry in order to positively contribute, through the knowledge, experience or skills gain and creativity. It will lead to others to become the best they can be, as they discover what Arts can make or do for them.

Programs Offered

Department's Programs




Entry Requirement

BFA (Fashion Design)

Bachelor of Fine Arts ( Fashion Design)

4 Years

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd division

BFA (Interior Design)

Bachelor of  Fine  Arts( Interior Design)

4 Years

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd division


Master of Fine Arts


2 years

Graduation Or equivalent with at least 2nd division


Scheme of Studies

BFA (Fashion Design) (BS HONS)

Course contents

Compulsory courses

English I&II

Islamic Studies

Pakistan Studies

Introduction to Computer

Pattern Basics I&II

Foundation courses

Free Hand Drawing I&II

Basics of Design I&II

Visual Communication I&II

Major courses

Fashion Design Studio I-IV

Theory of Fashion Design I & II

History of Art & Culture I-IV

Material & Models I&II

Digital Fashion & Details I&II

Textile Design I&II

Sewing I, II & III

Shaping and Draping I&II

Textile Basics I&II

Pattern III, IV &V


Report Writing &Presentation


Internship 4 week

Basics of Hand Sewing

Couture Finishes

Human Anatomy I&II

BFA (Interior Design)

Course contents

Compulsory Courses

English 1&2

Islamic Studies

Pakistan Studies

Foundation Courses

Free Hand Drawing 1&2

Basics of Design 1&2

Visual Communication 1-4

Interior Design Studio1-6

Theory of Interior Design 1&2

Interior Construction 1&2

Interior Materials & Products 1&2

Environmental Studies 1&2

Interior Design Dissertation 1&2

Interior Working Drawing 1&2

Advance Interior Services 3&4

Elective Courses

Professional Practice

Interior Design Internship (Full Time)

Interior Design Thesis

International Building codes

MA Fine Arts

Course contents

Free Hand Drawing I-III

Painting and Techniques of Painting I-III

Sculpture I&II


History of Arts & Culture I&II

Arts Appreciation-I

Art Software I&II

Arts and Crafts-I

Final Project