Southern School of Engineering & Technology (SSET)

Department of Civil Engineering

Brief Introduction

Hydraulics engineering is a major discipline of civil engineering that deals with the application of fluid mechanic principles on a problem dealing with the regulation, control and application of water bodies like lakes, rivers and ocean for human benefit. The use of hydraulic engineering was prevalent even in ancient times for the purpose of constructing massive dams and canals & aqueducts to supply water for irrigation.

In today’s world where the human population is growing exponentially together with a demand for high quality living this precious renewable natural resource, water, is under lot of stress and hence the role of water sciences like hydraulics and irrigation engineering have become pivotal to cope up with the challenge of supplying water for variable demands of complex modern life.

The emphasis of Hydraulics and irrigation engineering program in the Civil Engineering Department of ISP would be mainly on open channel flow. The understanding of river engineering, basic fluvial hydraulics principles will be given to the graduate students. They will be taught to use these principles to understand the dynamic of sediment transport, to design hydraulic structures to be used for water storage, generation of hydropower, conveyance of water and its application in fields for irrigation.

Emphasis of M.Sc. Hydraulic and Irrigation Engineering Program

The academic emphasis of M.Sc. Hydraulic and Irrigation Engineering program will be to give understanding of modern technique, technologies to better understand & analyze the flow characteristics for optimal solutions of different flow problems.