Southern School of Engineering & Technology (SSET)

Department of Civil Engineering

Brief Introduction

Structural engineering is a major branch of civil engineering that exists since the humans first started to construct their own place for living, buildings and structures. In the modern world it has become a more defined and formalized profession. The role of a structural engineer today involves a significant understanding of analysis and design of modern structural systems so that the stringent requirements of serviceability, aesthetic and economy could be met. The complexity of modern structures often requires a great deal of creativity from the engineers in order to ensure that the structures support and resist the loads they are subjected to.

Keeping in view the emerging requirements in the field of Structural Engineering, Southern School of Engineering & Technology (SSET) has taken an initiative to launch the M.Sc. Structural Engineering program. The objective of this initiative is to impart state-of-the-art knowledge to the civil engineers in the field of Structures and produce competent and highly qualified structural engineers who will be able to play vital role in the national development.

Emphasis of M.Sc. Structural Engineering Program

In the offered M.Sc. Structural Engineering program, more emphasis will be laid on the modern methods of structural analysis and design of structural systems primarily of conventional and pre-stressed concrete.