Southern School of Engineering & Technology (SSET)

Department of Civil Engineering

Objectives and Expected outcomes

  • To impart state-of-the art knowledge to the students in the field of Civil Engineering
  • To provide critical learning for a broad function in various areas of Civil Engineering, including structural, environmental, geotechnical, water resources, & transportation engineering & construction management.
  • To make them aware of the advancement of engineering knowledge in the developed countries so that they may keep themselves abreast with such developments
  • To impress upon them the spirit of discipline, teach them the code of ethics of the engineering profession & impress upon them to follow it during their practical life
  • To prepare graduate engineers to be competitive in both national & international market by inculcating the engineering & managerial skills

The Civil Engineering program provides the necessary technical skills in engineering design/analysis as well as mathematics & basic sciences consistent with Higher Education Commission (HEC) & Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) accreditation standards & National technological needs

A Civil Engineering graduate would be able to undertake planning, design, construction, operations & maintenance of urban & rural infrastructure by applying his/her knowledge in all stages of Civil Engineering & inter-disciplinary projects