The management of ISP is determined to launch comprehensive program for the future of the institution and is committed to provide a high-quality education and experience to all students, regardless of background, inspiring them to develop to the fullest of their abilities, producing outstanding professional and enterprising people for industry, business and the professions.

Our student experience is at the heart of everything we do. The Institute is making strategic investment that aims to underpin our goal of providing high-quality, research-led education and an excellent student experience.

ISP aims to provide its students with excellent and innovative teaching, learning technologies and facilities. We also aim to expand the opportunities for dialogue, and provide students with the opportunity to influence our ‘direction of travel’ as we work together towards achieving our vision of being an innovative and leading Institute in the region.

We are investing in academic programs that reflect a positive, creative and innovative approach and that position us at the forefront of teaching and learning within and across disciplines. The Institute is also encouraging its students to play an active role in the dialogue about our strategy and vision for the future.

The Higher Education Commission Govt. of Pakistan has placed the Institute in the top most academic category of “W” on evaluating its overall performance in academic and management area for devising research oriented mechanism in framing its optimum program strategy of Higher Education Matching up with National standard which is considered a mile stone of excellence.