Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF) is a not-for-profit company set up in 2011 by the Government of the Punjab in collaboration with Department for International Development (DFID) UK. PSDF aims to provide skills and vocational training opportunities to the poor and vulnerable populations of the four poorest districts of Punjab for improving their ability to find work or progress in their current employment or develop an enterprise. It also aims to up-skill those in low-skills-low-returns’ jobs and enhance their earning potential. PSFD is focused on establishing a market which responds to the needs of the individuals and the labor market. In this regard the Fund provides resources to help private sector enterprises and partnerships develop and offer vocational training courses. So far PSDF has successfully trained over 26,000 (both men and women) deserving trainees from the targeted districts in more than 117 different trades.

The Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan is striving to provide technical and vocational training through different short courses to the youth of South Punjab. The provision of these technical skill trainings courses will enhance the earning capacity of these trainees. ISP has started providing trainings in eight trades. These trades are:

  1. Civil Drafting
  2. Computerized Applications
  3. Computer Hardware Technician
  4. Computer Network Technician
  5. Diploma in Information Technology
  6. Graphics Designing
  7. Telecommunication
  8. Computerized Accounting