ISP is committed to achieve the highest standard. We confer upon our students the best experience through the dedicated faculty, the best services and the top notch facilities. In research and teaching we are one of the top ranking institutes of higher learning in Multan. With the highest teaching quality, fantastic learning environment and outstanding faculty we provide ample chance to broaden your wisdom and vision.
ISP is well proven-route of your success because there are fewer grander or more inspiring venues anywhere for graduation than here. We educate our students to be problem solvers. ISP has set high quality as the major objective of its programs. This goal is achieved by the high level in standard of courses taught, by the high caliber, devoted, committed, versatile faculty and by the intensive theoretical and practical training imparted to our students. The rigorous level of teaching may be judged from the fact that ISP remains open throughout the year. We are such stuff as dreams are made on (William Shakespeare) ISP helps its alumni to realize their dreams. It believes that to dream anything is the beauty of human mind and to do anything is the strength of human will. At ISP we treat every student as an individual person with his own dreams, ambitions and inspiration. This is the best way we help our students to make the most of their opportunities. We embark upon a mission to produce quality professionals and well skilled human capitals in all fields of education for the welfare of humanities particularly of Muslim Ummah. I look forward to welcome you to ISP and offer my best profound wishes for your future.

Asim Nazir Ahmad
Rector ISP