Southern School of Engineering & Technology (SSET).

Department of Civil Engineering


Research is one of the most important elements of advanced educational programs of any university in the current age. It is through R & D, the universities can get their share in the creation of knowledge, inventing stuff and make discoveries. Since, the engineering science is of applied nature, therefore, the research in engineering is more connected to the practical aspects. Where, the civil engineers are mostly dealing with the aspects of building construction, construction material, mechanics of solid, soil and fluid mechanics, water resources and environmental sciences. Since, the field of civil engineering is vast and is of applied nature, therefore, there are lot of research opportunities available which could be converted into innovative developments.  The Civil Engineering Department at ISP considers research one of its top priorities. The faculty members of the department are already engaged in research in different aspects of water resources and structural engineering. All the research activities of the department are regulated by the Research Committee comprising senior faculty members of the department. The main functions of the committee are to:

i.            Promote research culture in the department

ii.           Encourage the faculty to apply for national and international research projects

iii.          Form the guidelines for making research proposals

iv.           Conduct research seminars and workshops

In short the policy of the department is to urge the faculty in not only getting engaged in achieving the knowledge through learning and teaching, but also creating the knowledge base.