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ISP Studio is a far-reaching reality which is the recent benchmark of Going Global with louder and clearer voice. Moreover, I personally believe that the wider range of possibilities an institute offers to its students, the richer their experiences become and the higher their motivation reaches. It is to be remembered that ISP is the name of Infinite Possibilities.

ISP Studio is ready to shine.

Director General ISP

ISP Studio is a State-of-The-Art, In-Campus production house which is purposefully built for catering the new dynamics of learning. This In-House production facility has two faces of value addition. The first is to provide its students, faculty members and local talent with the opportunity to have a hands-on experience of creating contents for Screen in the form of TV Shows, Vlogs, and News Bulletins etc. The second is to provide its audience with the quality of contents that waters the sensible needs.

Talking about the technical aspect, the studio is a combination of 3 state of the art Physical and 1 Virtual Studio sets. Physical Studios include Entertainment Studio, News Studio and Green-Screen (Chroma) studio. SEDC studio is an online studio facility for Live Programs with the people coming from different destinations across the globe. The infrastructure includes Spacious and Sound-Proof Studio hall, a dedicated Master Control Room (MCR) with all latest technological support, a Dressing Room and a welcoming reception. The latest Mirrorless cameras, professionally established lighting systems and noise-free sound setup being operated by the experts make the media content stand prominent on social media platforms. Studio is presently creating programs on News, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Forums, Success Stories, Fiction, Skills Development and some other important genres. The overwhelmingly positive response coming from the academic and industrial circles is a fuel that is adding more of energy and motivation.

“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational”

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Heroes of the Soil

A program that is to question the dignitaries and influential people belonging from different walks of life regarding diverse topics and appreciating the efforts put by the living HEROES OF THE SOIL into the development of this county in any respect.


“I-Ventures” is an informative talk show about business and entrepreneurship. I-Ventures features stories about businesses (local & international), case studies and various business models.


Life is a stage and we all are the performers. Fiction and stories are the best way of learning and conceiving. DAASTAN is a series of short stories that help you to relate to different aspects of life and get you a dose of entertainment with effective values of learning and Self-Development.

Turning Point

You are never late to be better than before. Turning Point is a Youth-Oriented platform which focuses on the identification of the different challenges being faced by the youth today and then finding of solutions of those problems. Experts from different walks of life counsel and help students/Youth over their daily life issues.

Good Morning ISP

A morning that starts with positive energy and good vibes, ends in a progressive day. In order to keep you up with the positive emotions and energies, ISP brings you GOOD MORNING ISP. This is where you see and listen to the people you adore. But, in a casual and friendly way so that we know about their personal side.


Agora is a dedicated program for Forums. We invite intellectual minds from different backgrounds and get them to talk about different issues of grave concerns. Individual opinions, criticism and disagreements are taken positively and pluralistically. Because Agora is where you can AGREE TO DISAGREE.

The Friday Bulletin

ISP provides weekly news about every happenings, occurrences and stories that took place in ISP during the course of a week. The Friday news Bulletin presents each news about the institute that students must know and be benefited from.

Random Fact Show

Random Facts Show (RFS) is a story telling show which features the important events and happening all around the globe. The show will narrate the story of the specific topic with detailed research and eminent facts.

ISP Munch

ISP Munch is a diverse platform that provides you a good combination of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment in a single program. It is a student oriented platform which is run under students’ participation.

Baatein Man ki 2

Baatein Man ki 2 is a program that focuses on the personal and professional journey of different personalities serving in ISP by inviting them as a guest. A different side of the people is explored that might be astonishing for the students.

Confidence Lounge

A purely students-oriented program that helps them to break their barriers which stop them to excel in life by building their confidence and getting them trust their abilities. Experts counsel and equip students with the latest tools of confidence building.

The Weekend Show

The Weekend Show is your go to place for carefully selected information, well researched and practiced solutions, insightful topics about life and a lot of fun. The Weekend Show Your weekends will never be the same again

SEDC Insights

Your quality of life is affected by the kind of people you meet and the books you read. SEDC Insights is a series of Video books reviews that saves your time and energies and provides you with the wisdom and knowledge within a specific timeframe. Exclusion of personal bias and its objective approach make it more attractive among the audience.

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