Student Card

Possession of student cards is mandatory and entry in the Institute will be subject to the showing of the Student Card by the Students. This card will be issued by the Institute after their registration on payment of Rs. 600/-. In case original Student Card is lost or damaged, duplicate Student Card can be obtained on payment of Rs. 600/- from the Registrar Office.

Admit Card

Admit card is issued to the students before the commencement of Mid & Terminal Examinations. Admit Card is sole authority document entitling the student to appear in the examinations. The students should collect their Admit Cards from the Accounts Department after clearing their fee accounts and approval of the Director Finance. Then to present it to Dean of Faculty for verification of attendance & finally it is issued under the authority of the Controller of Examinations.

Student is required to: -

  • Must have Admit Card / CNIC with him in the Examination Hall in each paper
  • Be at the examination hall 10 minutes before the commencement of each paper
  • Students should keep their mobile phones switched off, even silent mode is not acceptable more so is use of mobile phone strictly prohibited
  • Not to leave examination hall before half time is lapsed
  • Occupy the allotted seats, change of seat is not permissible
  • Bring your own pen, ink, mathematical instruments, eraser & pencil etc..
  • To borrow anything from other students is not allowed
  • Answer books, Graph-paper, Extra-sheets when necessary will be supplied
  • Fill in the title page of the answer books, complete in all respects, registration number etc..
  • Maintain absolute silence in the Examination Hall
  • Stop writing when the time is over
  • Calculations & rough work if any be done on answer book
  • Use only calculator if permitted
  • Mark attendance on the attendance sheet
  • Not to take-over or remove any page of answer book from the examination hall
  • Not to copy from any book or paper or notes or similar materials
  • Not to help or obtain help from other student or any other person
  • Avoid cheating, an act of indiscipline or misconduct would lead the cancellation of paper
  • Stealing or taking away Extra-Sheet from the Examination Hall is serious offense as it would be tantamount to cancellation of paper