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The permanent campus is located at 09 Km from Chungi No. 9 and 8 Km from present campus at Bosan Road which is the hall-mark of educational scenario as most of the prominent Institutes of higher education of Multan are positioned on this road in queue like LaSalle High School, Govt. Comprehensive High School for Boys/Girls, Govt. Emerson College Bosan Road, Science College, Education University, Punjab Group of Colleges, Leadership College, NUML University, Beaconhouse School System, ICMAP and Baha-u-Din Zakariya University Multan.

It is spread over an area of 19 Acers (152 Kanals). It is housed in a constructed area of about 200,000 square feet consisting of 1 administrative and two academic blocks, possessing spacious, air-conditioned 65 lecture theaters, embellished computer labs comprising 250 computers, state-of-the-art library comprising 10,000 books, 30journals, Magazines and 9 national daily newspapers etc., facilities of Digital Library of HEC is also available in both the campuses to engage students/scholars for sharpening their creative abilities, development of academic culture and interactive learning. Spacious well equipped 08 workshops of Electronics, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, and Mechanical for applied technology, well equipped engineering workshop in Civil, conference/examination hall, facility / common rooms, career advisory cell, roomy cafeteria, staff room, separate common rooms for male and female students, executive council students forum, indoor, outdoor sports facility and spacious car parking.

The premises of Permanent Campus is splendid, graceful and elegant, which is quite ideal being situated in an educational empire around 1.5Km from Baha-u-Din Zakariya University where the facility of public and private transport is available with ample option from all directions of the city for all the times from dawn to dusk. The Management of the ISP has also made available the facility of transport by engaging a fleet of vehicle comprising one dozen from an out source for the pick and drop of the students from every nook and corner of the city by charging very nominal and meager fare. It is situated outside the city limits at prime situation and reasonably far from the madding crowd in a gigantic three story building with lush green open huge lawns and verdant surroundings; it has set the tone and atmosphere essential for the pursuit of knowledge and dissemination. Well-planned infrastructure of buildings, parking, roads, trees and plantation of a wide variety of foliage has adorned to the landscape of the Campus. The Campus also comprises of following facilities:

  • Purpose-built campus is splendid, magnificent and spacious
  • Air-conditioned lecture theaters
  • Computer & Technology Labs
  • State-of-the-art library
  • Conference, faculty and common rooms
  • Career advisory cell
  • Cafeteria, lush green big lawns
  • Student management club and welfare association
  • Indoor / outdoor sports facilities
  • Mosque and spacious car parking

ISP was set up to encompass a wider spectrum of education. To continuously pursue excellence in research and scholarship that is known for its quality, relevance and currency and which contributes to the advancement of international knowledge and practice in business administration & management, modern technology and engineering. To develop international business and service sector leaders who possess the vision, knowledge, creativity, skills, ethics, and entrepreneurial ability to succeed in a competitive work environment. The characteristics and traits of our institute is to strive for academic perfection, to grooms students to face life successfully and to gear to the national needs. We are proud to develop our Institute to be the abode of constructive and stimulating ideas: a sort of mighty “think-tank”, repository of wisdom, dissemination of knowledge and firmly committed to national goals and ever-ready to grapple with the problems which the country going to face. To be internationally recognized for the quality of its research and post-experience teaching, while enhancing its reputation, in both the service and business sectors, for research and teaching. Our prime goals are academic excellence. Faculty, staff and alumni of ISP are engage in activities that make a difference in the world. Efforts are ahead to significantly make ISP staff, faculty and students aware of its identity and direction. ISP is known for its high level of responsiveness to students and as an institution where respect and civility prevail in all interactions. Tolerance for a diversity of opinions is a hallmark of the Institute culture.