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Education at the Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan is state-of-the-art and holistic coupled with excellent facilities to promote moral values, self-discipline among students to face challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and commitment. Institute of Southern Punjab Multan provides high-quality, relevant, and varied educational programs and opportunities for the intellectual, cultural and personal growth of all members of its community.
The Institute values its role as an educational leader, embracing change and responding to the complex needs of those it serves.
ISP is offering innovative, high-quality education in emerging disciplines, public affairs activities & professional programs dedicated to academic excellence to enriching individual lives, and to making a difference in the world. Our vision is to work in partnership with industry, commerce and the professions, as well as with other institutions, for the benefit of our students. We are achieving this by providing scholarship attuned & adjusted to the particular needs of our technological society, by developing leading-edge research and by creating a rich and varied learning environment for our students. It helps to provide leadership in workforce training and support the economic development of the region.

The strategy of Institute of Southern Punjab is to provide a fully rounded higher education which provides opportunities of unique qualities at reasonable and affordable cost briefed as under:

  • It is committed to enhance employment avenues and to reveal the hidden potential of our students.
  • It will fulfill its responsibilities and obligations to the society for personal and enhancing professional growth of the students.
  • It has constant focus on development of curriculum and infrastructure matching with the needs of the day.
  • It is a Centre of Excellence for all things including moral values, ethics and knowledge systems for fostering attentions on commitment to service.
  • It is launching multiple disciplines in the area of Management Sciences, Commerce, Social Sciences, Humanities and Applied Technology / Engineering.
  • It is providing quality teaching in an ideal and conducive environment with emphasis to establish strong links with industry that would make available good opportunities of employment to our graduates and enable them to step forth in the highly competitive world.
  • It is sanguine hopeful that our prospective students will make the right decision by choosing ISP which provides ample study options.
  • The strategy of ISP is focused on developing social responsibility among students and transforming them into good citizens.


Academic Excellence

  • ISP will achieve academic excellence through excellence in teaching and learning encompassing student learning as our overriding goal. It will help the scholars to be world class thinkers and trendsetters.
  • ISP is committed to achieve high standards of scholarly excellence and believing that active learning and research is essential to excellent teaching.
  • ISP is in the process of enhancing its graduate curriculum while maintaining an emphasis on providing excellent post graduate programs.

Enriching Individual Lives

  • ISP seeks to establish an atmosphere that contributes to the intellectual, cultural, social, and personal enrichment of its entire students.
  • ISP shall provide an intellectually rich and culturally diverse campus environment, including expansion of multiple facilities and programs. All will be exposed to every segment of the society that is infused with an appreciation of diverse cultural perspectives. The campus environment will be an inclusive and safe place for different perspectives to be explored.

Making a Difference in the World

  • ISP has always a special emphasis on public affairs, citizen engagement, and effecting societal change which is making a Difference in the World.  ISP will continue to build on its solid record of accomplishment in public affairs, applied research, and training activities-paying special attention to public policy and the civic culture.
  • Faculty, staff, students, and alumni of ISP engaged in activities that make a difference in the world. Each individual and discipline provides a unique contribution: education, business, professional programs, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In other words, making a Difference in the World is a shared responsibility.

Strengthen Campus Culture

  • Efforts will increase significantly to make ISP staff, faculty, students, alumni, and friends aware of the identity of the Institute and its direction. ISP will be known for its high level of responsiveness to students and as an institution where respect and civility prevail in all interactions. Tolerance for a diversity of opinions will be a hallmark of ISP- culture.


  • ISP is taking all necessary measures to enroll students providing their access & opportunity of high tech-enhanced education in multiple disciplines at Graduate, Post Graduate , MS / M. Phil Research Degrees as exhibited below:
    1. Associate Degree Program (Accounting & Finance, IT & Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Para Legal Studies and Education)
    2. Management Sciences (Business Administration, Commerce, Social Sciences & Humanities)
    3. Computer Science
    4. Applied Technology (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Chemical)

Resources and Infrastructure

  • The ISP has lofty goals and an inspiring vision. Many of the action steps to pursue our vision require the allocation of new resources and the reallocation of current resources – financial, human, and physical. In this regard ISP is making bold decisions to provide the resources to implement the goals in this strategic plan. This plan not only allows us to focus more specifically on what ISP wants to become but also provide multiple facilities matching at International standards.

Literacy Deficit in Pakistan

  • It is quite encouraging and appreciable that ISP is responding promptly in private sector for participation in higher education. The numbers of students are increasing rapidly day by day.  There is an urgent need to establish Institute of higher learning matching to the rising needs of the students.
  • This is not feasible without incurring sizable funds on matching expansion. This alarming situation is being safely bridged by ISP in the region of Southern Punjab by establishing all necessary infrastructure, embellished and state of the art Laboratory and workshops.

Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Management means trained man powers in diverse fields to cater a technological need of any organization. In-fact educational institutes of higher learning like ISP are the basic centres for the production of human resource according to the need and type of the market. The Terms Human Resource refers to the people in organization. Deploying human resource activities in an organization means to achieve challenging situations and strategies of the organization. Human Resource creates the innovations which are planned by the organization.
  • ISP believes that “Assets make things possible, people make things happen”. To illustrate the importance of human activities, this contributes to an organization’s success in variety of ways. ISP is catering the future needs of this area particularly and national wide in general by producing competent graduates crowned with latest modern technology on demand basis.
  • Passing out graduates of ISP shall play a vital role successfully to meet the requirements of various trades and technologies such as textile, agriculture, horticulture, leather, international trade, banking, leasing, Modarba, venture capital, credit rating, capital market operation, advisory services, consultancies, electronic, polymer, fiber optics, bio technologies, Industrial designs, reverse engineering, communication, informatics etc.