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Southern Executive Development Center

The Southern Executive Development Center strives to provide the fully custom Executive Education Programs that cultivate ethical and efficient leaders. Embodying the traditions of excellence, integrity, leadership loyalty, respect and selfless service, the institute developed a tailored set of executive courses to meet their objectives of making a visible difference through education.

ISP Entrepreneurship Center

Aim of ISP Entrepreneurship Center is ‘To create a startup incubator in South Punjab’. It helps the new entrepreneurs to take a start of their professional career by facilitating them with technical and financial support


  • To stimulate entrepreneurial behavior and foster ambitious and innovative entrepreneurship
  • To create employment opportunities
  • To elevate the economic condition of South Punjab
  • To create the bridge between the students and the market by formally introducing them in the business sector

Training Wing

The Institute of Southern Punjab’s mission is to create knowledge and develop ethical leaders for a global society. For fulfilling this purpose the Institute has well equipped training wing designed according to the customized needs of the students training. The atmosphere provided in training wing helps to motivate the student for learning through interactive learning.

The Southern Executive Development Center will pursues to provide strategic partners with an unmatched educational experience that focuses on all dimensions of learning – knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviors, values and attitudes through trainings.